Why Westerleigh Flowers, A Florist in Westerleigh, Yate, Bristol & Bath

Welcome to Westerleigh Flowers, a blossoming venture founded and nurtured by me, Hannah Russell. With a keen eye for colour and a passion for the artistry of flowers, my journey in the world of floristry began as a delightful detour from my initial career path.
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The Creation of Westerleigh Flowers

A late Bloomer - Goodbye London 

Following my graduation, I embarked on a fast-paced adventure in London, crafting prints for renowned fashion brands, including collaborations with the likes of Calvin Klein and other global icons. Yet, amidst the vibrant chaos of city life, I found myself yearning for the tranquillity of the countryside. A year later, I heeded that call and returned to my roots in Stroud, then soon after headed to Westerleigh, nestled in the heart of Yate, Bristol.

In the summer of 2013, a creative spark ignited when a friend and I decided to enrol in an evening floristry course. Little did I know that this decision would shape the course of my professional journey. The allure of working with rich, dreamy, and fluid floral designs captured my heart, leading me to transition from fashion prints to the enchanting world of floristry.

Immersing myself in this newfound passion, I gained invaluable experience working in two delightful flower shops. However, fate took an unexpected turn with the onset of lockdown. It was during this period of reflection and dreaming that Westerleigh Flowers was conceived.

With ten years of hands-on experience under my belt, I felt a calling to establish a haven where the floral dreams of weddings could come to life. Westerleigh Flowers emerged as the embodiment of that dream—a beautiful studio dedicated to bringing your wedding flower visions into full bloom.

At Westerleigh Flowers, we are committed to infusing every arrangement with a personal touch and an artistic flair honed through years of experience. Whether you're envisioning an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, let us transform your ideas into a floral masterpiece that tells your unique story.
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Crafting Timeless Memories, Enhancing Weddings & Honouring Lives at Westerleigh Flowers

With a rich legacy of crafting floral wonders, Westerleigh Flowers has enhanced the beauty of countless weddings and tenderly commemorated numerous funerals. Trust that your special moments are in expert hands, as we bring our passion for flowers and unwavering commitment to each unique celebration.
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